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In support of our Mission, Vision and Values, we have developed desired standards of behavior that provide the framework to everything we do. Tri-City’s success greatly depends on our ability to provide consistently superior service. By living these standards, each of us will feel a sense of purpose, that we are making a difference in the lives of the people we serve and most importantly, that our work is worthwhile.


  • COMMITMENT TO CO-WORKERS is our people working together
  • APPEARANCE is looking sharp and being sharp
  • INTEGRITY is strict honesty that encourages freedom to act
  • TIMELINESS is using time wisely
  • ATTITUDE makes the difference
  • LOYALTY is being faithful and steadfast to our ideals
  • COMMUNICATION is connecting with our customers and co-workers
  • OWNERSHIP is being the solution

CAPITAL CO is an acronym developed as an aid to help us remember our standards. The acronym CAPITAL CO, pronounced, “capital company” is also a meaningful symbol tied to where we are going as a company.

What does that symbolize? Capital defined in architecture is the top part of a pillar; it lies on top of the column. Tri-City has embraced the Pillar concept in goal setting. Our Pillars are People, Service, Quality, Growth and Finance. The Pillars help us organize our work to better accomplish our goals and achieve our Vision. The tops of our Pillars are CAPITAL CO, symbolically bringing our Values into our work by linking our Standards of Behavior to our Pillar goals.

How does CAPITAL CO symbolically support our Vision? The American Heritage Desk Dictionary defines capital as an adjective in several important ways:

  1. First and foremost.
  2. First-rate or excellent.
Our standards are “first and foremost” in our strategy to be a great place to work, a place where patients want to receive care and a place where physicians want to practice. We are a CAPITAL CO and strive to be “first-rate or excellent” and therefore the best provider of cardiovascular care in the country.

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